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Free US Ground Shipping + $275

Delivery by 5/11/24

Photos must be submitted within 72 hours after you order and no later than 4/2. Turnaround time on orders placed with photos before deadlines is 5-6 weeks. Orders need to be submitted by the deadlines listed below.

Any orders placed after the deadlines outlined below or approved after the cut-off of 4/14 cannot be guaranteed for delivery.

Pieces with Photos for Custom Silhouettes 

Standard UPS Ground Shipping – Mar 31(free over $275)
Expedited Shipping – April 2 (flat fee of $45 within the USA)

*Proofs need to be approved by 4/14.

Pieces with Silhouettes on File

Standard UPS Ground Shipping – April 7
Expedited Shipping – April 11

*Proofs need to be approved by 4/14.

Birthstone Jewelry & Handwriting Collection

Standard UPS Ground Shipping – April 12
Expedited Shipping – April 19

Ready to Gift/Ship Pieces (non-custom)

Standard UPS Ground Shipping – April 22
Expedited Shipping – April 26

Expedited Services can speed up the turnaround by 1 week. (Excluding Framed Prints). 

International Shipping

All international orders for Mother's Day delivery need to be placed by March 31. Orders placed after this date cannot be expedited and may not make it to your destination by Mother's Day.

If you didn't upload photos with your order and are looking to email them, please send them to with the order number on the subject line. We do not start on your order until all photos have been received. 

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Based on the deadlines provided by UPS, we will adhere to the following dates for shipping out final pieces for guaranteed delivery**:

  • All orders are shipped via UPS Ground (standard and free shipping) will leave our studio no later than Friday, May 3rd.
  • All orders with Expedited Shipping ship via UPS 2nd Day Air and will leave our studio no later than Wednesday, May 8th.

**Please note, we are not responsible for any carrier delays. We will make every effort to have your piece leave our studio with enough time to arrive to your destination with your chosen shipping option.

Every silhouette piece we create is custom and one of a kind and it takes time to make it just right. Our normal turnaround time is 4 weeks* (domestic) and up to 10 weeks (international) from the time you have approved your final proof, although during our busy season (like Mother's Day and Christmas) expect even longer turnarounds.  We know what's it like to wait for a package to arrive and we make every effort to send your order within our specified turnaround time. 

If you have not received a proof within the 7-14 day time frame, please reach out to

*Please note there may be additional turnaround time for pieces requiring extra care, such as:

  • Engraving
  • Curing of enamel
  • Stone setting
  • Ordering additional parts not kept in house
  • Repair or Add-A-Charm orders waiting on piece to return

You'll find more information on the specific product page in the product description.

While we do everything in our power to speed along the process, our jewelry is all custom made to order and takes time. We offer several options that can speed along the process:

Use a stock silhouette

  • We have a wide range of already created silhouettes, both people and pets. You can add your own personal touch by having them engraved!

Use a previously created silhouette

  • If you've ordered with us before, we save all previously created proofs. If you plan on ordering, you can purchase a Digital Silhouette beforehand to keep on file.

Expedited Services

  • Expedited Services can offer a "cut in line" in front of other orders. We will prioritize your piece to try and meet your deadline. If you have a specific deadline, please let us know (either in order notes or by emailing us at as soon as you're able so that we can operate accordingly. This can speed up the process by approximately 1 week, depending on time of year.

Expedited Shipping

Sneak Peeks

  • Sometimes orders are too close to your desired deadline for us to get everything finalized and too production, we can offer digital Sneak Peeks where we put together a preview of the product you're ordering and your already approved custom silhouette with a special note that you can print and provide as a "what is to come" gift.

Gift Cards

  • Our gift cards are delivered 100% digitally and instantly!

The sooner you let us know, the more we are able to make adjustments to try and meet your deadlines. We are always happy to answer questions and help you determine the best course of action and what we are able to do to help! As a reminder, if you are ordering a custom piece please keep an eye on your inbox for your proof. We never send a custom piece to production without first sending you a proof to review. The sooner you review and approve your proof, the sooner we can send it to production.

At this time, we are not able to speed up production on any international orders.

If you do not need or want a custom silhouette, we offer many Ready to Gift items!

We recommend you submit pictures that reflect your everyday style. For gifts like cuff links, jewelry, face profile pictures will create the most beautiful silhouettes. But full body photographs make adorable ornaments and silhouette wall art. For more advise on what photos to send, refer to the Photo Tips section of Our Process page.

If you can't decide which pictures to upload or need some help selecting the best ones, please feel free to include 1-2 extra pictures. We would be happy to look through them and pick the one we feel best describes the subject. Before you place an order, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the type of photos we use. Refer to the Photo Tips section of Our Process page.

We've put together several guides to help you find what size would work best for you!

If you have one child, pet, etc, you need to select 1 Custom silhouette. For a family of four (dad, mom and two kids) you would need to select 4 Custom silhouettes. Each subject requires its own custom silhouette to be drawn. That said, in some products like the classic charm necklaces, we only charge a $20 for the first custom silhouette, and waive the fee for additional silhouettes.

All custom orders (orders for which you have uploaded pictures for custom silhouettes) receive one electronic proof within 7-10 business days of placing the order (expect longer turnarounds during busy holiday seasons!) We're happy to make any desired adjustments at this time.

If you're not happy with the silhouette after making adjustments, we offer the option to redraw using a new photo for $20. Simply let your silhouette artist know that you'd like to send a new photo and they can help you through the process of purchasing a redraw.

For orders that don't require custom silhouettes to be drawn (but rather selected from our stock silhouettes), you may not receive a proof.

If you have not received a proof within the 7-14 day time frame, please reach out to or call us at 804-899-8111.

It all depends! You can follow us on Instagram @vanachuppstudio to stay up to date on promotions, new products, behind the scenes happenings and see samples of our work on our clients hands. Also make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get notifications before sales are happening.

All orders shipped in Virginia are charged a 5.3% sales tax. This is because we have a physical location in Virginia. Due to recent changes and regulations on state taxes, we are required to charge state tax on a few other states including NC, SC, GA. To find out if you're going to be charged a state tax, simply add the items to your cart and start a checkout process. If applicable, any state taxes will appear before you submit payment.

Absolutely! We love working with our customers as their families continue to grow! When you are ready to add more charms to your necklace you can purchase our Add-A-Charm product. The product options will guide you through the entire process.

Once your order comes through, we will send a Ship Kit your way, within about a week's time, that includes all of the materials and instructions you need to safely send your existing piece back to us. The entire Add-a-Charm process can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks depending on the product or alterations ordered.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to email us at before or soon after ordering.

Please note, this product/service is intended for US customers who already own a necklace or bracelet from our shop and would like to add on to it.

Since we no longer offer Sterling Silver and Gold Filled options, they are not available through our Add-A-Charm product.

Our closest option for adding on to Gold Filled would be 14K Yellow Gold.

Our closest match to Sterling Silver would be 14K White Gold. You can read about the differences here.

We typically only have 2 large sales a year, but if you would like to continue to add on to your piece over time we have a limited and specific discount code for 15% off that we can offer to you to upgrade your entire piece to 14K gold. It will be a completely new piece and nothing will need to be sent in, you can still hang on to your existing Sterling Silver piece. Please reach out to use through our Upgrade - Silver to 14K Gold product to get started on that process.

This offer is not associated with any other sale and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

We do! We take great pride of the quality and craftsmanship of our pieces. Our jewelry is meant to be worn daily. However, jewelry is by its very nature delicate. If you should experience the need for a repair, we are here to help. We offer free repairs within 60 days for any breakage caused by manufacturer defect. We are also happy to re-polish any jewelry piece you purchased with us within 90 days of its arrival. Simply get in touch with us through our Request for Repair page. Products that have been altered by another jeweler are not eligible for repairs. International orders are not eligible for returns or repairs.

Every piece that is sent in and agree to service (such as Add-A-Charm or a Repair) will receive a basic cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner. We do offer professional cleaning as a separate paid service that you can purchase inquire about through our Repair Evaluation Request.

How does Ultrasonic Cleaning work? It works through high-frequency sound waves transmitted through liquid to scrub clean the surface of immersed parts. It is especially useful for removing tightly-adhered contaminants, such as dirt, oil, grease, fingerprints, or polishing compound, from intricate items with small holes and recesses.

What is Professional Cleaning? Our professional cleaning service includes disassembling (if necessary) and running your piece through our Magnetic Tumbler similarly to when we first receive your charms back from our production partner. Magnet(s) go around and around within the machine, pulling stainless steel shots/pins in a bowl set above them as they go. Your charms are in the bowl in a lubricating solution; as the pins move rapidly over and around, they polish your pieces.

This will return your piece back to our signature satin finish.

Jewelry Information + Care

All of our jewelry (with the exception of a few lockets) is 14K solid yellow, rose and white gold. Please refer to our Materials/Jewelry Care page or the FAQ below to get more details on the properties of each metal before making your decision on which metal to choose. You can also contact us at any time with questions before you make a purchase.

Some facial features and hair detail might be slightly different on the final product than what shown on the proof especially when the product undergoes the laser cutting procedure. Metals melt slightly due to the heat released during the laser cutting causing some details like hair, nose and lips to get minimized. This is more visible on the tiny and medium charms as well as the silhouette rings and tiny pendants.

Please note that for our smallest size charms, some of the facial features might be less noticeable and not as clear compared to the actual proof you will receive. The digital proofs are done according to the size of the picture/s provided with your order. The actual silhouette charms are much smaller. If this is an issue for you, please opt for a larger size charm. We no longer include eyelashes on any of our jewelry pieces. We are happy to answer additional questions regarding sizing, prior to you placing an order.

Vana Chupp Studio makes every attempt to accurately display all colors shown in this website. However, colors may very slightly due to the variation on the monitor they are viewed on. Colors printed vs seen on a screen are also slightly different. Metals are hard to photograph. We do our best to capture their true qualities and colors.

We use 14k solid yellow, rose and white gold on our heirloom jewelry so your pieces will last you a lifetime. Unlike plated gold, solid gold will not rub off or alter in appearance over time, is most hypoallergenic and durable for everyday wear. Gold should be cleaned regularly in order to maintain its beauty and luster. It can get dirty though. Like any precious metal, solid gold does scratch, so be mindful. Using the included polishing cloth to clean is highly recommended to ensure the longevity of your pieces.

With the exception of Ornaments and Keychains, we have discontinue the use of Sterling Silver as of July 1, 2023.

For more details, please read our post HERE. If you have any additional questions about this decision, or are in need of a repair, please don't hesitate to reach out at

The best way to clean your sterling silver charm or ornament, and to prevent or remove dirt and tarnish, is to use a silver polishing cloth or any anti-tarnish silver polish which can be found at your local supermarket or drugstore. Rub the cloth on the charm until it's shiny again.

Our Keychains and Ornaments are still available in .925 Sterling Silver.

With the exception of lockets, we have discontinued this metal as of September 9, 2019.

For more details please read our post HERE.

We use brass on our silhouette and home ornaments. Brass is a base metal and it will tarnish over time receiving a unique patina. This is completely normal.

The best way to clean your ornament, and to remove dirt or tarnish is to use a mixture of a teaspoon of lemon juice with a teaspoon of baking soda until it forms a paste like consistency. Salt works great as a substitute to baking soda. Gently rub the mixture over the ornament. Rinse throughout with hot running water and dry immediately with a cotton dish towel. Brass will tarnish quicker than silver and over time obtain a beautiful patina. Please store your ornaments on its original box to ensure they stay beautiful year after year.

We also offer Ornament Polishing Cloths that are perfect for restoring ornaments, silverware and even jewelry to their original state – quickly and easily. Made of premium cotton in Cape Cod, these cloths are pre-moistened with the perfect amount of polish. These are available when purchasing an ornament, or by themselves.

We offer Professional Cleaning if you'd like us to get your ornaments looking good as new with the same cleaning and finishing processes we use when we receive your piece back from production.

If you'd like to keep your ornaments looking fresh and never have to worry about tarnishing, we recommend Powder Coating (only available for Brass.)

For all of our Enamel Medallions, Lockets, and Cufflinks we recommend our Radiance Wash or Radiance Towelettes if you're on the go, both created by Shinery. It is a non-toxic formula made with plant-derived surfactants that surround and trap dirt, oil, beauty buildup and other residues from your jewelry and wash them away, leaving you with brilliant and bright jewelry. It is safe and gentle for all of our enamel and jewelry. 

If you do not wish to purchase an additional cleaner, a gentle soap and water solution should also clean off any oils and residue.


We offer Flat Rate shipping for both Domestic and International. Orders over $275 ship for free within the US. We ship via UPS. The following are our shipping rates. Orders Over $499 will require a signature for delivery. Please contact us if you require your shipment to be delivered without a signature. Please note, due to Covid-19, shipping carriers may sign your package on your behalf.

UPS Ground (2-7 business days within the US) $10.00

UPS Express Mail (1-2 business days within the US) $45.00

Expedited Shipping is different from Expedited Production. If you want an order to be expedited, you should let us know when you would like to receive it by. That will help us determine the total expedited cost. Expediting production of your order is an additional cost of $35 (can be ordered HERE) - plus the cost of expedited shipping $45 within the US.

Please note that shipping times DO NOT include the processing time required for your order to be created. The processing time for your item can be found in the item description page of each design. We are not able to refund for lost packages that have been confirmed as "delivered" by either carrier or for orders that arrive late due to postal service error.

Important: all of our orders ship via UPS and include a $100 insurance. Jewelry orders are insured up to $500. Route Insurance will cover the full value of your order and is strongly encouraged for orders valued at over $500. Route is shipping insurance that helps you track, protect and resolve any issues related with theft or loss during shipment with ease. Vana Chupp Studio is not responsible for packages lost in transit, theft or damage.

Due to the ever evolving changes with shipping and international customs regulations, we have decided to no longer ship internationally. We've enjoyed shipping our products internationally for the past 16 years!

Due to the ever evolving changes with shipping and international customs regulations, we have decided to no longer ship internationally. We've enjoyed shipping our products internationally for the past 16 years!

Vana Chupp Studio is not responsible for packages lost in transit, theft or damage.

If you purchased Route Package Protection at checkout and believe that UPS or the postal service has lost your piece, or it has arrived damaged, you can start your claim by visiting you will need your e-mail address and order number.

Follow the prompts once you have entered that information and Route will automatically place an order for you that we will receive on our end so that we can quickly get your order put back into production.

If you opted out of Route Package Protection please reach out to us so that we can assist in filing a claim. As a small business, we gladly cover jewelry orders up to $500 in lost value via carrier shipping insurance at no additional cost to you, once your piece has left our studio it is out of our hands and we rely on the carrier to safely get the final product to you.

We're proud to offer Route package protection to help protect your priceless investment in one of our heirloom pieces! While we take every precaution when shipping our pieces, sometimes accidents or errors occur once your final piece has started it's journey to you.

By choosing Route at checkout, you're opting for piece of mind should the unexpected happen such as loss, theft, and damage. It makes it seamless for us, and more importantly you, to get your piece remade as quickly as possible.

Effective April 12, 2023: Route adds $1.55 for orders under $100 USD, and 2.9% for orders over $100 USD.

Make shipping 100% carbon neutral. Visit to learn more.

We can understand how disappointing it is to receive a damaged package, or never receive it at all! We put immense thought and care into how we package and choice of shipping materials and that's certainly not what we like to see.

If you chose Route Package Protection during check out, you can quickly and easily file a claim through Route at:

If asked which piece was lost, please select all options or if there is a singular option for the entire order to make sure all fees are covered. They will handle replacing the order for you. We will receive a new order on our end that we will send to production right away.

Please let us know if you do run into issues with Route and we will work with you to quickly resolve them!

Change Orders + Returns

Please email us immediately at if you need to change any details of your order.

If you have already approved your custom silhouette, it will be produced as it is shown on your proof.  Any requests for changes at this point to your proof may not be able to be accommodated. If changes or updates are possible, the customer may be subject to a $25 change fee and possibly extend the order turnaround time.

No design alterations can be made on charms already created previously. This includes, but is not limited to, adding and/or taking off loops on the charms.

If you need to alter the design of your piece, you will need to order an entirely new piece.

We take great pride in our craftsmanship and carefully select each of the products we offer. The following policies take in consideration the time and effort it takes to create and curate each product while upholding industry best practices. 

Custom Products (any product created with custom silhouettes, birthstones or custom engraving) placed outside of a sale or promotion - You have within 24 hours to cancel your order for a 100% refund. After 24 hours, you can no longer cancel your order. Instead, we would issue store credit you can use to modify your order or to save for future use. If we have already begun working on your custom order, you would receive store credit minus the $20 design fee per each silhouette created. Vana Chupp Studio reserves the right to review policies on a case by case scenario.

Custom Orders placed during a sale or promotion.  - You have 24 hours to cancel. After that a store credit will be issued in the amount paid. If we have already begun working on your custom design, you would receive store credit minus the $20 design fee per each design created.

Custom pieces that have been "Approved" are Final Sale. -The email sent to you by our team, "Proof for Approval" that includes your proof explicitly lays out the details of your order and how to modify or update your order prior to production. An exception is if an error was made on our part that deviates from the original order/approved proof ( incorrect spelling or date, etc). However, that must be brought to our attention within 5 days of receiving.

Non Custom Items - (items that have zero customization available, such as some of our Last Minute Gifts products ) within 5 days of receiving, not been worn and in the original condition will be considered for a refund or exchange. A restocking fee of 15% (for products retailing up to $4500) or 20% (for products retailing over $4500) of the retail value will be taken out of the final value. Upon inspection and within 5 days of receiving, a refund will be issued (minus the restocking fee and shipping cost.)

Return inquires received after the 5 day window, but before 30 days, will receive store credit instead (minus the restocking fee and shipping cost.)

Customers will be responsible to ship the items back to the studio. Items will be inspected prior to receiving the return/exchange or credit. Vana Chupp Studio reserves the right to review policies on a case by case scenario.

Due to the highly customized, labor intensive nature of our designs, if we have already began crafting a custom item for you, we may not be able to cancel the pending order. 

Please refer to the description of each product before proceeding with a purchase. The size and specifics of each piece are clearly defined on the description of the product and should help answer any questions you may have.

House Illustrations : Once an order has been placed (and a deposit paid) you can cancel it within 48 hours. After that we aren't able to cancel your order (even if we haven't started yet). The reason for this is that we only can take a handful of house commissions at a time. If you order one, someone else can't! You can submit photos for your home illustration at a later time. Our photo submission deadline doesn't apply to this product.

Order Archival

Due to the custom nature of the majority of our pieces, we will send a proof to the email used to place your order within 7-10 business days. Please add so that you will receive our emails. If we do not hear from you (with modifications or approval) we will send 2 follow ups, one as a follow up email within several days of sending the initial proof and the final as a phone call if a phone number is provided.

This policy outlines the procedures for archiving and restocking custom orders that have remained inactive for 60 days or longer. Inactive custom orders refer to orders for which no activity, communication, or progress has occurred within the specified timeframe. The purpose of this policy is to streamline inventory management and ensure efficient allocation of resources. Additionally, a fee will be implemented to reactivate an archived order.


  1. Notification: Customers with custom orders that have been inactive or not received any communication for 45 days will be sent a notification via email, informing them of the approaching archival process. The notification will include a reminder of the order details and the consequences of inactivity.
  2. Grace Period: Following the notification, customers will have a grace period of 15 days to respond, providing an update on their order status, requesting an extension, or requesting store credit (good for up to 1 year at time of issuance.)
  3. Archiving: If no response is received within the 15-day grace period, the custom order will be archived. Archiving involves removing the order from active production and stock management systems, categorizing it separately for future reference and restocking the materials collected for the order.
  4. Confirmation: Once the order is archived, customers will receive a final notification confirming the archival and restocking process. The confirmation will include information on how to reactivate the order, should they wish to do so in the future.


Upon archiving an order, the materials collected (such as jumprings, charms, chains, etc.) specifically for that order will be reintegrated into the general inventory to be utilized for new orders. All digital proofs will be kept on file and can be used at any future time using the original order number.


Should you wish to reactivate an archived order, a fee of $20 will be applied to cover the administrative & studio costs associated with reactivating and collecting the pieces necessary to fulfill your order. You can submit a request for order reactivation by contacting

Once we have received your request we will send an invoice for the associated fee and resend any proofs that had previously been sent. Once paid, we will resume our standard our production timeline.


Exceptions to this policy may be granted in extraordinary circumstances or with the prior agreement between the customer and Vana Chupp Studio. These exceptions will be documented to avoid future fees associated with reactivating an order. 

If you feel we did not adequately attempt to reach you before archiving your order, we are happy to address your concerns and reevaluate our processes to better serve our customers.

This policy will be reviewed and modified as needed to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness.

Should you wish to reactivate an archived order, a fee of $20 will be applied to cover the administrative & studio costs associated with reactivating and collecting the pieces necessary to fulfill your order. You can submit a request for order reactivation by contacting

Once we have received your request we will send an invoice for the associated fee and resend any proofs that had previously been sent. Once paid, we will resume our standard our production timeline.

Gift Wrapping

Every Vana Chupp Studio piece is designed to be treasured, and every detail is given a great attention. Each item that leaves our studio is beautifully packaged in a VCS branded jewelry box or pouch.

If your item is meant to be given as a gift, safe yourself the time and hassle, we will wrap it for you! We offer a VCS branded gift wrapping option that can be added during checkout.

We can also ship a gift directly to the recipient. Just leave us the message in the during the checkout process. If you do not leave us a message indicating your shipment is a gift, your recipient may not be aware of who the package is from!

We can add a gift note to any order for you, at no additional cost. You can enter your note during checkout, we will handwrite it onto a small card and insert it into your package.