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What began almost 13 years ago as a dream—a small Etsy shop expression of Vana's love for paper silhouette art—has since evolved into an authentic business and a community of thousands across the world who treasure their memories through our signature heirloom jewelry pieces. It is our greatest gift to know and serve our customers and community in this way.

In celebration of our 13th year anniversary, we’ve decided to rename the business to better reflect where we are and, more importantly, to swing wide the doors of new creative opportunities ahead. Vana Chupp Studio will continue to be a lifestyle brand focused on beautiful design through products. We invite you to come alongside us as we move forward into this exciting new chapter!

Vana Chupp Studio is a boutique brand that manifests the sensibilities and personal style of its Founder and Creative Director, Vana Chupp. The brand inspires women to keep memories close and cherish the magic of special moments forever.

We utilize client's favorite photographs to illustrate the people, pets, and special moments in their life. From those treasured pictures, we create one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces: silhouette portraits and exquisite jewelry, and perfectly personal accessories destine to become family heirlooms and passed down to the next generation.

Vana Chupp Studio was established in 2008 in an effort to satisfy Vana's creative passions while fulfilling an even higher calling, being a mom. Vana continues to be the safe keeper of a family's memory and works with clients personally on each order to help evoke the magic of that moment forever. The team includes 6 other talented women. Each brings a set of talents and values that reflect our company's mission.

What We Believe

We understand time spent with our little ones is fleeting. It's our mission to inspire parents to see the joy in the most mundane moments, to choose present over speed living, real over rushed, cherished presents over meaningless gifts. We believe every mother should own and proudly wear an heirloom jewelry that tells a memorable story.

The Team


Founder + Creative Director

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Head Jeweler + Production Manager

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Customer Service

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Silhouette Artist

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Silhouette Artist

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Our Story

March 2008

It all started with a silhouette! Vana opened her Etsy shop on March 8, 2008 and started creating paper silhouettes from the eat-in area in her kitchen.

March 2008

Vana's first born, Nikolas (age 3) at her computer in the tiny home studio.

March 2008

Vana's home studio in Mount Prospect, IL

May 2008

Vana in the early days of running her business on Etsy. VCS was mainly a paper product shop offering beautiful custom silhouette portraits and stationery.

October 2008

Vana in her tiny studio off her kitchen packaging silhouette pillow orders.

January 2009

We rented a work space to accommodate our growing business. The tinniest space in a beautiful historical building in downtown Park Ridge, IL.

January 2009

This small studio was the perfect home for all our paper goods...until it became too small.

March 2009

Vana signed her first book deal, “Silhouette Art” with Chronicle Books. Her son Nikolas’ silhouette was featured on the cover and graced our company’s logo until March 2021.

March 2009

Vana was an Etsy "featured seller" and shared her story of how she got started and what inspired her.

May 2009

Vana's first head shot as part of the photoshoot for her first book, Silhouette Art, with Chronicle Books.

May 2009

First "out of home" studio space.

June 2009

Vana in her first office working on silhouette orders.

June 2009

Nikolas, 4 years old in VCS first studio space.

December 2010

Kristen came on board as our first employee. She helped Vana sell her products in local holiday markets.

February 2011

We started offering jewelry alongside paper products and other accessories. It quickly became a best-seller and we continued to add new collections

March 2015

We started offering jewelry utilizing precious metals. The Classic Silhouette Charm Necklace quickly became a customer favorite.

July 2015

Vana with her youngest son, John (then 3) at a local Target store. Vana’s work was featured in select Chicago Target stores.

January 2016

Vana began offering custom house illustrations and ornaments. To this day they are two of our most asked for products.

March 2016

Vana began offering custom house illustrations and ornaments. To this day they are two of our most asked for products.

July 2016

Vana's home studio in Richmond.

October 2016

Vana began offering custom house illustrations and ornaments. To this day they are two of our most asked for products.

April 2017

As her boys became more independent, Vana started devoting more time to grow LPS.

March 2018

We added birthstone charms to our collection to add another layer of customizing giving our customers more ways to tell their unique stories through jewelry.

August 2020

Our team of 4!

December 2020

Vana's first born son, Nikolas (who was 3 at the time she started VCS) now 15 started helping part time at the studio.

February 2021

We started offering more pieces our customers have been asking for, like these darling charm holders that pair so beautifully with our paper clip chains.