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Ring Sizing Guide

Measuring for your ring size is essential to ensure that your rings fit comfortably and securely on your fingers. We are here to help you find the perfect fit! All of our rings are measured using US ring sizing, please read the descriptions of any ring you're interested in for additional details on sizing for that ring.

    Ring Size Chart

    • 14.1mm

      Size 3
    • 14.5mm

      Size 3.5
    • 14.9mm

      Size 4
    • 15.3mm

      Size 4.5
    • 15.7mm

      Size 5
    • 16.1mm

      Size 5.5
    • 16.5mm

      Size 6
    • 16.9mm

      Size 6.5
    • 17.3mm

      Size 7
    • 17.5mm

      Size 7.5
    • 18.1mm

      Size 8
    • 18.5mm

      Size 8.5
    • 19mm

      Size 9
    • 19.4mm

      Size 9.5
    • 19.8mm

      Size 10
    • 20.2mm

      Size 10.5
    • 20.6mm

      Size 11
    • 21mm

      Size 11.5
    • 21.4mm

      Size 12
    • 21.8mm

      Size 12.5

    Ring Sizing FAQ

    Your ring should fit snugly and stay in place as your hand moves. It should slide comfortably with a little resistance on and off over your knuckle, and allow your finger to bend without pinching.

    Through the course of the day it's normal for fingers to swell slightly due to temperature, humidity, or physical activity. The same can be true for fit during seasonal shifts, you'll notice that your rings are typically looser in the winter.

    We do not recommend ordering a ring without first measuring. The average women's US ring size is between 5 and 7. The average men's US ring size is typically between 8 and 10. These are only rough averages.

    If you have fallen in love with one of our rings but do not see your size available, please reach out to us about custom sizing at

    If you are local to Richmond, Virginia we would love to help you find your size. Reach out to us about stopping by to view our collection of rings. If you are not nearby, we recommend visiting a local jeweler for an accurate measurement.

    If your ring does not fit as expected, please reach out to us immediately at