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The Story Behind Our New Falling Letters Collection

The Story Behind Our New Falling Letters Collection

I can't believe this new collection is here! It's been a labor of love and a long time coming. Before I go over each pendant, I wanted to share the story that inspired this new collection.

A few years ago, I met Ally at a pop-up in Nashville and was immediately drawn to her namesake necklace, a gold plated pendant made of letters spelling out "Allison". What I was drawn to the most was the way the letters were the illusion of "tumbling down". I had never seen anything like it. It looked so retro and a cool pendant to own. Ally went on to explain the beautiful story behind her necklace. Her grandmother, sister and mother, each had similar necklaces. Some were lost over the years and they had no way of replacing them. The original vendor was nowhere to be found.

We kept in touch and became (virtual) friends. Ally is an incredible artist and I ended up commissioning her to do two beautiful paintings (but that's a story for another day!). She had asked if I'd be able to design a similar pendant for her mother. After a lot of back and forth and perfecting all the details, I ended up crafting her mom's pendant.

Byrdie was thrilled and cried happy tears when she received the pendant over Mother's Day. I kept going back to the time I met Ally and how her pendant initiated our conversation. I love when jewelry does that!

I told Ally I had been thinking of designing a collection inspired by her pendant and she was so supportive. I knew I wanted to call it "Falling Letters" and envisioned putting a single birthstone at the bottom right of the pendant as a way to hold the letters in place. We made prototypes of a few different ideas and landed on the following 5 designs.

The four designs are customizable and the LOVE pendant was something Amy (our jeweler) and I put together. We love how it turned out! All the pendants are offered without a chain - we find this to be the best solution for those who like to add on to their favorite heirloom charm necklace. And believe me, you'll want to add one of these to your collection. They come in sterling silver and 14K gold.