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3 Ways to Style the Handwriting Charms

3 Ways to Style the Handwriting Charms
It is no secret that I am drawn to jewelry pieces that help me tell my story. Whether it is a love note from my sweetheart, my kids' lettering or a family quote, the sky is the limit when it comes to capture them on one of our Handwriting Charms. Today I want to show you 3 ways you can style the handwriting charms.

Worn by itself - We love wearing the Large Handwriting Medallion Charm hanging from a paperclip chain and on a charm holder. It makes this look so effortless and the charm holder allows you to swap the chain easily.

As a pair - Two is better than one, right? Pair one of our Handwriting Charms with any of our Silhouette Necklaces for a look all your own.

As a neck mess - You heard me! It's the only mess I am ok with :) Layer your favorite necklaces together. The more, the merrier when it comes to creating a fun multi-necklace layered look. We recommend mixing the chain type and length as well as charm sizes and shapes. Doing so not only creates a unique look but also helps keep your necklaces perfectly layered (and untangled!)


Look 1 - Handwriting Medallion Charm (large), Dainty Paper Clip Chain Necklace, Long Oval Charm Holder.

Look 2 - Handwriting Medallion Charm (large), Heavy Weight Paper Clip Chain with Large Beaded Charm Holder,

Look 3 - Handwriting Medallion Charm (large), Dainty Classic Chain, Medallion Silhouette Necklace (double), Handwriting Tag Charm on a Dainty Paper Clip Chain Necklace and last but not least the Classic Silhouette Charm Necklace (tiny size).