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The Story Behind The Build Your Own Pearl Charm Necklace.

The Story Behind The Build Your Own Pearl Charm Necklace.

What started out as a custom creation has turned into our newest collection piece, just in time for the holidays! 

the Pearl Necklace

Earlier this year, we designed a single pearl strand necklace for Alice, a lovely local client who has loves pearls and wanted to combine them with a Classic Silhouette Charm (medium) of her grandchild. We had so much fun creating this custom heirloom! Her pearl necklace features the Small Rounded Circle Charm Holder and designed to be added onto over time in the happy event more grandchildren come along or if she decides she wants to add a Letter, Handwriting Tag, Birthstone, or another charm in the future.

We also customized Alice's necklace with a magnetic clasp, something she likes to have on her necklaces. The Diamond Jumpring adds the perfect touch and completed the look of this heirloom necklace. Here's the final look of Alice's necklace!

Pearl Necklace

The results were stunning and we knew we had to include this new design in the studio collection. 

Build Your Own Pearl Charm Necklace

The Build Your Own Pearl Charm Necklace can be customized to your exact taste. You can choose the type of charms you want to include, as well as the style of the charm holder that connects the charms to the pearl strand. It’s also possible to order the pearl strand as a set up with only the charm holder. From there, you’ll be able to add charms to it at a later date. The choice is yours and options are endless!

Paired with a Swivel Lobster Charm Holder + Medium Silhouette Charms.

Paired with the Small Rounded Circle Charm Holder + Medium Silhouette Charm with Diamond Jumpring.

Paired with the Large Round Beaded Charm Holder + Falling Letters 3 Initial Pendant.

Paired with our Long Oval Charm Holder + 14K Yellow Gold Medium Locket with Diamond Jumpring.

The Build Your Own Pearl Charm Necklace is such a stunning and timeless piece we’re proud to add to our collection and we look forward to seeing how you personalize it and make it your own. It is our honor to craft your memories into cherished heirlooms.

Gift it to a loved one or add it to your own jewelry collection this holiday season! If you’re interested in creating a custom design, contact us here