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The History of Lockets + Why We Love Them

The History of Lockets + Why We Love Them

When I think of heirloom jewelry, I immediately think of gold lockets. There is something so romantic and sentimental about a locket. By definition, a locket is a small pendant that opens up to reveal a loved one's photograph, or small items like a lock of hair. Historically they were given to loved ones during a special holiday like  Valentine's Day, baptism or wedding.

Although lockets have been around since the 16th century, they became popular during the Victorian Age. It is believed that Prince Alfred gave Queen Victoria a charm bracelet featuring 8 lockets - each containing a lock of hair from each of their eight children. During World War I solders gave their loved ones lockets with their photo tucked inside as a way to be remembered during their long separations. 

Now a days, a locket often holds a sweet message, a special story, photographs and also, silhouettes of our loved ones.

Gold Silhouette Locket

Lockets are typically worn on a longer chain but also as part of a charm bracelet or ring. We love wearing them layered in a fun stack mixed with other special charms and chains.

silhouette locket

They vary in shape from round, oval to heart shape and are mostly crafted of precious metals like sterling silver and gold. You can personalize a locket by  engraving a monogram, initial or name on the front or back as well as a special quote or message inside it.

Silver Silhouette Locket



We love how simple they are in their form yet have a way to elevate a look from casual to a little more put together.