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The First Day of School Photo

September 04, 2018


One of my favorite traditions this time of year (like most moms, I'm sure) is the First Day of School photo. I've seen some of the most creative and darling ideas on my friends' Facebook feeds or Instagram, Pinterest abounds with inspiration, but no matter how the picture turns out, it's the act of capturing that first day, the newest fresh start...seeing the smiles that say "Bring it on, I'm ready!" that makes my heart feel all those warm fuzzy feels.

I know things can get rushed, or busy...that first day, first week, first month of school can be a blur, but I encourage you to just snap a photo. It doesn't have to be perfectly styles, amazingly creative, or involve a week of prep work. Just take the picture, because in 20 years you won't care how it turned out. You'll just be so glad you have that memory forever!

John (1st grade) was excited to document his first day back. Nikolas on the other hand (8th grader) didn't want anything to do with that board but agreed to stand by his brother and act excited :) Still I was pleased we got to snap a few pictures to remember this moment.