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New Year, New Possibilities

New Year, New Possibilities

While I absolutely love everything about the Christmas season, there's something about the week between Christmas and the New Year that feels extra magical to me... like there's a completely new and fresh start just on the horizon, where the possibilities feel truly endless. I love to spend the time planning and dreaming of what lies ahead in the year to come. But there can also be a lot of pressure with the start of a new year.

The pressure to start over and do things perfectly, or "right." To really nail it. To finally make this "your year." It can be a time where pressure abounds (even more than the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas if you ask me) and grace tends to be pushed aside in favor of plans, agendas, and promises to ourselves.

While I love setting goals and dreaming dreams, I also know that the season of raising littles, the season I'm in right now and perhaps maybe you are too, can be trying. There are lots of sleepless nights. Sick days. Closed daycares. Forgotten tasks. Overlooked commitments. Things come up, and I just want to remind you - that's ok. It's ok if you stumble a little as you welcome and embrace a new year. It's ok if you don't have a new planner with crisp pages ready to be filled. It's ok if you can't even wrap your head around goal-setting because frankly getting up every day can be challenging. It's ok. Give yourself grace, and give grace to those around you, too. (And if you DO have a planner with crisp new pages ready to be filled with plans and notes, if you have goals and steps to achieve them already all outlined, GOOD FOR YOU! Reach out and help a mama who maybe isn't quite in the space place but could use a hand, or a hug, or even just a sweet smile. We got this mamas.

Cheers to 2019!