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Jewelry as a Memory Keeper

Jewelry as a Memory Keeper


I've always been a sentimental person. I have a few little mementos that I love to occasionally look through...they bring me back to different times in my life and stir up emotions and memories...and help me remember events I may otherwise have forgotten.

When I think of ways to preserve a memory (besides photographs of course), I can't help but think of jewelry as a perfect way to commemorate something special you are reminded of daily. I've always been drawn to jewelry with a story and over the past years I've designed pieces that help our customers tell their unique stories and keep memories close.

Although all of our pieces are designed around people and stories, there are a few that stand out as "Memory Keepers". The first product that comes to mind, is our Silhouette Locket. Designed to keep 1 and up to 8 silhouettes of your favorite people inside. But not only that! You can request special messages to be engraved besides or instead of silhouettes.  Lockets have been around for generations and are the epitome of a memory keeper.

Speaking of memories, we wouldn't be talking about them them without considering the people that help make them. Our silhouette charms capture the memory of loved ones (from babies to pets and anything in between) as they freeze a special moment in time.

As the saying goes, words are more powerful than actions and often times all we have to work with. I can't think of a more unique way to not only keep the memories, but also wear them close to our heart than with one of our Handwriting Medallions. They help turn a memory into a beautiful talisman to keep us grounded, heal and empower us.

Our jewelry is by its very nature a memory keeper - mostly beautiful, happy memories filled with love and joy but also others that could crush your heart into a million pieces. However, I've discovered despite the story behind the piece there's always one common thread that brings people to shop the Vana Chupp Studio jewelry: keeping the special memories close. Forever. And knowing that's what we set to do every single day, has been my greatest joy!