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September’s Birthstone is Sapphire

September’s Birthstone is Sapphire
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Sapphire generally refers to the rich, deep blue gemstone, but did you know they  can be found in any color of the rainbow? The only exception is red, since sapphires are corundum gems and the red variety of corundum is a ruby, July’s birthstone.

September’s birthstone has a long association with royalty. In fact, one of the best-known modern sapphires is the 12 ct sapphire engagement ring first worn by Princess Diana and later given to Kate Middleton by Prince William.

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Sapphires symbolize truth, nobility, integrity, faithfulness, and sincerity, and many, including the people of ancient Greece and Rome, believe blue sapphires protect them from envy, physical harm, and negative intentions. Priests and clerics consider sapphires to be incredibly spiritual.


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Harder than almost every other gemstone, second only to diamonds, Sapphires are a durable and excellent choice for everyday wear. Because of this, we love to see our community members embrace their birthstone in their heirloom jewelry. Our pieces are designed to be worn every day and, when a birthstone such as sapphire is included, you can count on the longevity of your piece, with regular care

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Our team proudly creates solitaire stacking rings, fixed silhouette + birthstone necklaces, birthstone charm bracelet with up to 8 birthstones, and many more ways to embrace your September sapphire birthstone in your timeless heirloom jewelry.

Click here to shop Vana Chupp Studio birthstone jewelry, whether you celebrate a September birthday, anniversary, or just love the deep blue hue. It is our honor to craft your individual story into heirloom jewelry you can wear daily and pass down from generation to generation.