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October’s Birthstones are Opal + Pink Tourmaline

October’s Birthstones are Opal + Pink Tourmaline
Birthstone Jewelry

October features two beautiful gemstones, opal and pink tourmaline, giving those celebrating a fall birthday or anniversary a lovely choice when it comes to crafting their jewelry. 


Opal is thought to have originated in India where it is called “upala” in Sanskrit, meaning “a precious stone.” Its flashes of color produce a unique and elusive kaleidoscope, often compared to galaxies, fireworks, and lightning.

Opal Jewelry

The opal is a symbol of hope and has long been associated with luck—both good and bad. Spiritually, opal symbolizes purity and truth. It’s also considered to have seductive qualities, amplifying emotions, releasing inhibitions, and promoting passion. Romans believe it was the most powerful gemstone and a symbol of love, called the Cupid Stone. 

Celebrate your October birthday, anniversary, or honor a loved one with opals in a dainty stacking ring set and birthstone dome earrings for an effortless everyday look. Please note that opals are one of the most delicate gemstones and will benefit from a little extra care.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline means “stone of mixed colors.” Unlike the opal, which displays several colors within the same stone, individual tourmaline gemstones come in an array of colors. Specifically, pink tourmaline has recently been accepted as October’s birthstone.

Representing humanitarianism, pink tourmaline is also associated with compassion, unconditional friendship, and can be worn by those striving for long-lasting relationships. Often recommended for healers, pink tourmaline’s properties promote understanding and better listening.

Pink tourmaline is an excellent gemstone for everyday wear. Because of this, our community embraces pink tourmaline in loose charms adorning bracelets, fixed onto our falling letters pendants, and as a simple and stunning solitaire necklace.

Vana Chupp Studio is proud to feature birthstone gemstones and jewelry for all of your birthday and anniversary gifts. Opal and pink tourmaline are equally meaningful and we look forward to working with you as you tell your story through heirloom jewelry and accessories.