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Customer Stories - Lisa Nelson Jones

May 24, 2021

I've been following Vana's journey for year and have see her commitment, hard work, and dedication that she and her team put into these pieces. All the pieces I own ( a set of gold bangles, medium and large charms, ornament and a gorgeous paperclip chain necklace with my children's most recent silhouettes) are truly handmade - with the best quality materials - in all respects, and backed up by LPS one-of-a-kind service and customer support.

All my LPS pieces are true heirlooms and I plan to pass them down to my children and hopefully their children in generations to come. You can say I have a nice collection and each of the pieces has literally stunned me with its quality and craftsmanship. I proudly wear each piece and am thrilled when people ask me about them because not only do I get to share the story behind each piece but I also share my favorite jewelry business with them.