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Little Rooms with Big Style | Guest Post by Nathaniel

I’m guessing that most of Vana’s readers are as stylish as she is, and we know that even the most effortless style takes a little work. And for most of us this work begins in the bath. I love the french term for the room: “salle de bain” or hall of bath. So much more elegant! But how do we imbue this little functional room with the elegance fitting the name? This post has a few images of baths inspired by history or filled with historic charm. It’s become much more common to think of using furniture in our baths, rather than character-starved particle board junk from “local” home improvement store. With a little elbow grease, you can turn a neglected or damaged chest of drawers into a fabulous vanity. A few vintage light fixtures (UL listed and with updated wiring) can dramatically improve the ambiance and functionality of the space. If you’re designing a new space, don’t forget the window!
There are many great sources for New Old bathrooms; here are a few:
Waterworks The designer’s go-to source
Rejuvenation Classic American lighting & houseparts
Van Dyke’s Restorers Restoration hardware, glass, furniture and restoration supplies

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