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How to Make a Gallery Wall

Don’t you love perusing art gallery walls on Pinterest? What better way to display your art collection or even family photographs, right? Are there too many choices to look at? Should you use all white or black frames? Should you mix and match? Oh my! The possibilities are endless.

The above gallery wall is from my studio. More than esthetically pleasing for the eye, it serves as a unique way to showcase all my art collection (and favorite pictures). This one is still a work in progress, as I would like to fill the entire wall:)

But how can one make a gallery wall without spending hours on such project?

I’m glad you asked! Seeing how I just completed mine (or close to!), I would love to offer some tips so you can make your own in no time. Below are a few elements you should keep in mind:

Think About the Layout

Before you start hanging your frames, take some time to think about the layout. I like to lay my entire collection on the floor and arrange the frames so that the largest is somewhere in the center. I continue by arranging the rest of the frames around this main piece. Make sure to snap a few pictures of the various arrangements so you can easily decide what you like best by simply looking at the layouts side by side. The largest frame will serve as a focal point. Make sure it’s something you like to draw attention to. In the case of my gallery wall, the focal piece piece is a framed family tree – very meaningful to me.

Here is another layout (from my previous studio space) – same idea here with the only difference that the focal point now is the bright yellow illustration (doesn’t have to be the biggest piece)

Think About the Distance Between Each Piece

It is a good idea to keep a similar distance between each piece. If the gallery wall is positioned against a piece of furniture, make sure to leave approximately 6-8 inches from the bottom of the frame to the top of the furniture.

Create a Palette

A gallery wall can be art in itself if the frames and the art within those frames share a similar palette. Think of simple colors such as a black and white combination – create a striking balance all year round. In the sample below the use of all black frames and mattes as well as silhouette color creates a rhythm the eye is sure to get used to almost effortlessly.

Extra tip: try to color coordinate the props that come to contact or are positioned against the wall and you’ll have yourself a picture worthy, favorite new corner.

Photograph above is taken from my book Silhouette Art

Tell a Story

Gallery walls are the perfect way to tell a story. Think family pictures from a recent trip, birth photographs or even art you picked up at some hidden gem of a store. The entire collection should easily tell a story and visually describe an experience worth treasuring. People always ask what’s the story behind a certain piece. It’s your chance to make it a good one!

Make it a Fun One

Mix up fun photographs, art, paintings and other unique pieces. Go for an eclectic look that mirrors your personal decorating style. Pick a color palette (I wouldn’t recommend more than 3-4 colors) and mix the pieces around – don’t keep all the same colors in one area. Make it fun! I can’t think of a better example of this than Joy’s from Oh Joy office gallery wall (styled by Emily Henderson) I mean, look at this WALL!

One final tip: remember to have fun. There is no specific formula when it comes to creating a gallery wall. Hopefully the few tips above, will guide you during the creative process but definitely go ahead and create your very own. Don’t over-think it! Just do it!

Do you have a gallery wall you would like to share? If so, leave a link below. I would love to take a look!