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Coaching for Small Online Businesses

Whenever I look back at the 6 years of running my online business, I am in awe at the amount of knowledge gained by just running my business through trial and error.  Truth is, I’ve loved every single moment of it and there hasn’t really been a day I didn’t feel blessed to be able to do what lights my heart on fire from the comfort of my own home. Over the years I have developed a deep appreciation for women entrepreneurs who manage it all on their own or with very little help.

It is my heart’s desire to inspire and be of service to small business owners, especially women, to create thriving brands and businesses and still be able to put their families first. I believe that love and family can inspire a meaningful business and ultimately, a lasting legacy.

Ever since I started this blog, amongst other things, one of my goals has been to provide free valuable business content to aspiring entrepreneurs. The content is based on questions I receive from fellow business owners as well as my own need to document the things that have worked well in my business. Besides sharing them here, I’ve also enjoyed working one-on-one with many talented women – assisting them with needs specific to their business. For the first time last year I started offering my coaching services to small online business owners and loved it so much, that I decided to offer it again in 2014.


Are you a woman entrepreneur with an online business and doing it ALL on your own? Perhaps you’re just starting out (or thinking about it) or have been in business for a few years and want to move things to the next level? Do you feel stuck? I’d love to help!

I can help you streamline what you do, understand who you do it for and take action on getting it into the world.


I have 6 years of experience finding success as a one-woman entrepreneur, building a thriving business and still being able to shape my schedule by putting family first. I am a firm believer that one should invest in personal and business growth to propel their business further without having to learn the hard way or spending years doing so.

You can always learn new things by reading books, attending workshops and webinars. You can even go to business school. But none of the above will focus on your unique business. We all know how precious time is. Running a business while still attending to our family’s needs can be challenging and time consuming. I would have gladly paid my hard earned money to speed up my learning time during the first years of running my business. But things were different than and honestly I didn’t know that was an option. You don’t have to go the long route to be successful in your business.

I can utilize the experience gained these past 6 years in being a successful entrepreneur to help you with any aspects of your unique business. I’ve been where you are standing right now! I have what it takes to tackle the areas of your business you need the most help with.


Starting this month I will be taking 4 clients a month for 45 minute long sessions via phone or skype.  Each session costs one hundred and fifty dollars. During each session I will be addressing concerns and questions as well as assisting clients draw an action plan on steps needed to reach their goal. Some of the topics include, determining what type of business is right for you (for those who haven’t launched their business yet), social media and online marketing, product development, pricing your products to sell, increasing profitability while working less hours (for those who already own and operate a business but need help getting ‘un-stuck”), money – how you make it an how you handle it (there’s no need to tip toe around this very important element in our businesses. No need for it to be the white elephant in the room), etc. To find out more details on the type of coaching I offer, check out my services section.

Please Note: there is only 1 spot open left for March.
UPDATE!! March is all sold out!

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To reserve a session now, email me directly.