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New Home Office Tour!

Hello hello! So nice to have you here! Come right in…

If you’re a follower on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve seen sneak peeks and some of you have even anticipated this studio tour almost as much as I have:)

Last August we sold our home and moved into a bigger place. Seeing how it would be difficult to divide my time between my office and being home with John, I decided to move the studio back into the home. It’s been an interesting experience working from home again. Given the fact that John still needs my attention most of the time, I am so happy I am able to work from home. Want to see the rest? Let’s get started!

One of my goals when deciding to bring my studio home, was to create a space I would long to be in and feel re-charged and inspired. I am happy to say, this studio is absolutely my favorite room in the house!

This room has become our “lab” as Aaron and I like to call it. After the boys go down for the day, we spend hours in here working, talking, watching a movie…

Since we both share this space it was important that we both felt comfortable with the look and feel of it. We decided on a striking black chalkboard wall which serves as the focal point of the room as well as a gallery wall for our art collection.

We wanted to create a long working table to accommodate both our computers and printers. To achieve this, we used two long tables and two different types of legs which adjust to also allow for the drawer cabinets to fit between the two tables.

The opposite wall is an off-white color with the bookcase and sofa also in white. We love the contrast and the calming effect it creates.

It is important to note that besides the new ghost chairs we didn’t have to purchase any new furniture for this space. Everything shown here came from my previous studio space and our home. I wanted to add a fun pattern as a backing on the EXPEDIT bookcase, so I decided to create a simple silhouette wallpaper. I love this little detail and I think it makes such a huge impact on that bookcase. I will be sharing the tutorial on this on a future blog post.

Each square opening makes for a different vignette which gives me a chance to style and decorate to my heart’s desire. It might not look like it, but the bookcase also stores materials and props. I use the bottom 2 shelves to store the items I don’t need to use on daily basis. The paper suitcases serve as the pretty storage boxes for my small size supplies. The various size frames block the least eye pleasing areas and also hold our dearest family photographs.

Speaking of storage, what used to be “her closet” is now my supply closet. I removed the doors and installed these almost sheer curtains. All the supplies are organized and stored on another EXPEDIT bookcase and can be out of sight in seconds. The desk in front of the closet serves as my packaging station.

I love coming in this room every chance I get. Some days I am here for hours working on orders and answering emails. Others, I come here to sit on the couch and read a book to John or do a quick photo shoot for my newest products. This room gets the best natural light even in the gloomiest of days.

So there you have it, friends! I hope you enjoyed this tour. If you did, share it by using the share buttons below. You can also pin any of the photographs here on Pinterest by hoovering over each picture.

Photographs by Kelly Allison Photography and Vana Chupp


White tables, drawer cabinets and bookcases, IKEA
Ghost chairs, Amazon
Wall Shelf, Pottery Barn
Frames, IKEA and other various sources
Rugs (white and sheepskins), IKEA
White Sofa, Crate and Barrel (similar)
Silhouette Pillows, Le Papier Studio
Curtains, IKEA


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