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Life lately…according to Instagram

Not sure how blogging got pushed on the back seat this summer. Well I guess I do know, life just happened! We took a trip to Delaware to visit with family in early July (seems so long ago now!) I can’t say I love road tripping (is that a word?) with the boys, but we did manage to make it pleasant and memorable.

Working from home with little babysitting help proved to be rather hard. We are all looking forward to school starting for Nikolas, although not looking forward to waking up early early in the morning. We are contemplating putting John in a daycare two days a week. We think it will be great for him socially and it will give me some uninterrupted time to run the business. Speaking of which, there are some exciting things in the work I can’t talk about just yet but should be able to soon.

Another exciting thing happening is that my little sister is getting married next summer and we will be going to Greece for the wedding. I get so giddy just thinking about it. It’s been three years since we last went. Besides my parents, no one in my family has met John yet. I know, crazy!

This summer we (or should I say, I) decided to start a garden. I was so excited of the possibility of fresh, home grown produce we could have all summer long. Although we did harvest some produce most of it didn’t grow. It doesn’t help that I have to constantly put on a fight with naughty squirrels..They have sure tested my patience these past couple of month…

I have just finished designing, printing and putting together all my new branding collaterals. There’s new packaging I am so happy about. I will be doing a future post on all of that sometime soon. For now the little sneak peek above would have to do.
So here you have it friends! Love to you all.