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Clair Collection is here!

I’ve always been drawn to simple, elegant yet meaningful jewelry. Those close to me, know I don’t wear much jewelry besides a dainty necklace with each of my boys’ silhouettes and every now and than, something extra special like pearls. I believe in jewelry that tells a story, preserves a moment in time and can be passed down from one generation to another.
These were my thoughts as I began sketching our newest pieces, the Clair Collection. Clair (French for Clear) naturally marries simplicity and elegance in a way that doesn’t take away but rather enhances what already is there. The 5 pieces are designed to be worn layered with any of our necklaces but also by themselves.

Your State Necklace” is the perfect little piece to commemorate a special event in your life as a couple. The state you met each other or got married, where your first child was born, etc. Constructed of clear acrylic and 14K Gold, this necklace might just become your favorite go to piece.

We all have special moments in our lives. Those are moments we want to keep forever close to heart. They changed the world as we know it. Our “Special Moments Necklace” was designed to gather all those moments into a single piece that tells a story of who you are, where you came from and where you’re going. The three various shape charms create the sweetest cluster, one you will never get tired of looking down to.

The ever so classic silhouette has never looked more mystical than in a clear form like in the “Clear Silhouette Charm Necklace“. I love layering this piece with the one I wear daily to a statement all my own.

You can view the entire collection HERE. And for 2 days only (August 6,7) enjoy 20% OFF with code CLAIR20.