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New Fine Art Prints

Earlier this year we asked our customers what they would like to see more of at Le Papier Studio. More than 70% of them said more art and jewelry. We got to work and created a few new collections of jewelry which has been so well received (thank you!). And now are finally able to share some new art with you all.


One of my favorite prints is the one above, featuring the silhouettes of a couple carved out of an apple. It’s really an optical illusion and always fund to try to make out what is it that you see at first glance. This prints makes a perfect wedding gift or a paper anniversary gift (which by the way is the 1st wedding anniversary – learning new things each day!)

And speaking of anniversaries, this one commemorates the special date and place of an engagement or wedding.

Apparently name establishment after getting married is a big deal. We love helping couples making theirs a memorable one.

And than come babies…Oh the babies! What better way to remember that special day but with a custom silhouette birth announcement wall art. We have John’s hanging on the wall of the nursery and it’s such a sweet reminder of his little baby features and the excitement of the day.

Last but not least, you know my love for a bit of gold has grown bigger and bigger this past year. Gold foil has become such a design trend – it adds a little glamor to any wall. This quote happened to be a favorite of mine…and apparently of other people too.

All prints are available on our Etsy shop.