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How to add to your VCS jewelry

Celebrate every family addition with a unique silhouette or birthstone charm.


We are thrilled that you've chosen to add on to your heirloom necklace and can't wait to get started in assisting you! Take a minute to look through the instructions provided on this page to ensure this process is easy and quick. Also note, this service is intended for those customers who already own a necklace or bracelet from our shop and would like to add new charms. If you do not own one of our pieces, you must first order one HERE.




Place a new order for a silhouette, birthstone, initial or generic charm HERE.
Make sure you order the correct size charm to match the ones previously ordered and also make a note with your order for your new charm size to match previous size ordered. If you have any questions or don't know which size you ordered previously, please Contact Us



Once you've placed your new order, you have two options: 1. to mail your necklace or bracelet to us to add the new charm, or 2. have us send the new charm loose to you to add to your necklace. We recommend the first option if you want the jump ring of the new charm to match that of the existing charm (looks better!) If we ship the charm loose, we can send it with a bigger jumpring so you can slide the new charm over the chain. Please refer to the picture below illustrating both options.

When mailing your necklace or bracelet back to us, please make a note with your order number and any special requests you may have. Sending your necklace/bracelet in a secure way is a must - if your piece arrives tangled we might have to charge a $15 service fee to get it untangled. Contact us for the shipping address and detailed instructions after placing your new charm order.



Once we have received your old necklace back and have completed your new charm/s we will assemble and ship your necklace back to you. If there are any old charms, we will clean and polish them to match your new charm/s.