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Vana Chupp Studio keeps memories close. Favorite photographs are used to illustrate the people, pets and special moments in your life.

Vana Chupp Studio is a boutique lifestyle brand that transforms our
customers’ most treasured people and moments captured in photographs into exquisite heirloom-quality jewelry and personal accessories. Vana Chupp founded the company as Le Papier Studio in 2008 as a creative expression of her passion for classic silhouette art inspired by her highest calling, motherhood.  


Taking your favorite photographs of family, pets or moments in time, we fashion those images into silhouette portraits and exquisite jewelry and personal accessories that are destined to become treasured heirlooms. As she has done from the beginning, Vana continues to directly consult with clients to ensure pieces perfectly evokes those forever memories.


We know from our own experiences that our little ones grow up entirely too quickly. Our mission is to inspire parents to find the joy in even the most seemingly mundane moments, to mentally pause from the distractions and demands of our hectic world in order to live in the present, and to cherish the precious gift of time.

Our products are adorned by our customers. Take their words for it!

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I’ve been getting questions about the necklaces I’ve been wearing lately. I’m obsessed...It's silhouette necklaces with Cal and Ollie’s profile pics!!


Mother of Dogs. Forever and ever! Thank you VCS for this amazing heirloom!


My absolute favorite ornament this year is this gorgeous keepsake of Alden’s silhouette by Vana Chupp Studio!


My silhouette necklace from VCS has become a cherished piece and in daily rotation. Adding a second charm on for Patrick makes it even sweeter!


My FAVORITE necklace that I wear all the time. It’s custom silhouettes of all three of my babies and my most prized possession.