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How to layer our best-selling necklaces like a pro!

How to layer our best-selling necklaces like a pro!

While layering is nothing new in the world of jewelry, figuring out what necklaces to pair for a look all your own, requires some knowledge. We've put together 6 looks you can pair with your favorite articles of clothing, from dress up shirts and blouses, to comfy sweaters.

Solo Statement Piece

Most of us have that statement piece that's a bit more substantial in form and weight. We love that our Falling Letter Name Pendant paired with a Heavy Weight Paper Clip chain (left) can transition with you from summer to fall and beyond. Not a fan of many layered necklaces? Rather than layering a few necklaces why not go with a single chain featuring layered charms instead? Our Classic Silhouette Charms on a dainty chain (right) is a customer favorite but layering medium over large size charms? It takes this all time favorite piece to a whole new level of curated look that is both unique and sentimental.

Layered Necklaces

Two Is Better Than One

We love layering complementing necklaces, like our Classic Medium Charm Necklace with a dainty Pave Heart charm on a dainty chain (left). There's something so elegant about a pair of two dainty necklaces that we seem to gravitate towards as our daily necklace pieces. That said, layering a Monogram Pendant on dainty Paper Clip Chain with a single Large Charm Silhouette Necklace (right) works so well in that it brings both texture and playfulness on a neck stack.

layered necklaces

More is More

It's no secret more is more when it comes to jewelry! We love the way a neck mess brings out your personality and helps tell a story represented by your jewelry. Layering 3 or more necklaces you might not normally wear together under a silk or cotton shirt is always classic and elevated no matter the season. Start with a shorter dainty piece like our Modern Solitaire Diamond Necklace next to a Classic Charm necklace (shown here are the medium size charms) and complete the look with a cluster of Handwriting Charms held together by a Charm Holder on a heavy weight Paper Clip Chain (left).

Perhaps the most obvious tip but also most commonly forgotten is wearing your necklaces all at the same length. It does nothing other than create a chunky metal mass with the risk of repetitive tangles. Instead, we suggest staggering the lengths not necessarily equidistant but so that it creates a natural flow of your pieces. We like to layer a simple gold locket with other classic pieces such as a Handwriting Medallion necklace and a dainty Paper Clip Chain for added texture and dimension.

We guarantee these tips will help you achieve a more curated and less thrown on look and get you ready to tackle the day (or night) whether you're wearing a casual cotton t-shirt and jeans or rocking a LBD.