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5 Ways To Wear Your Birthstones

5 Ways To Wear Your Birthstones
The first ring I ever owned was given to me by my great-grandmother - a beautiful 14K dainty ring featuring a gorgeous ruby (July's birthstone). The ring was given to her by her own mother on her wedding day. It hols such a special meaning to me because it dates back to 4 generations of women in my family. Birthstone jewelry has been around for a long time and we see it passed down from generations to generations. Many of our customers choose to add our birthstone pieces to their collection as a way to commemorate special milestones and people in their lives. We love mixing birthstones in our designs - they add an additional layer to the meaning behind each piece. Here are 5 of our favorite ways to wear birthstones.

The Birthstone Bracelet
We love how a dainty birthstone bracelet can become a statement piece when worn by itself or as a part of a fun stack of dainty bracelets. It makes a great gift for a graduate or a girlfriend celebrating a milestone. You can personalize it with a single birthstone or up to 8 birthstones and can add to it over time.

The Birthstone Necklace
The quintessential staple piece you will wear daily. Many of our customers choose to have their loved ones' birthstones in a single necklace. Like it's cousin, the birthstone bracelet, it can be added on to over time to accommodate future achievements as you continue to evolve.

The Birthstone Earrings
We love them for their classic form. They are the easiest and meaningful gift to give. Wear them on your first piercing as a starting point and build up from them onto the second and/or third piercings.

The Birthstone Ring
Our customers love mixing them in a stack of rings. They make for perfect conversation starters - everyone wants to know what your birthstone represents. It can represent so many different things: your birthday, your child/childrens' birthdays, your wedding anniversary etc.
We love how versatile a dainty birthstone charm is. Add it to a fixed silhouette  + birthstone necklace for an extra layer of personalization. Layer it over a pendant, attach it to a monogram etc. The best part about it is that it can be added now or later to a piece you already own. The possibilities are endless.