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The meaning behind "Home" on our Custom Home Ornaments

September 07, 2020


Our homes are our anchors, our safe places, where we gather with those we hold dear to build traditions and make memories that last a lifetime. These past seven months we’ve seen how much more special they have become. Among the laughter, the boredom, and the challenges, we gave home a new meaning. Home became more that our shelter. It became the place we took refuge from the world that felt to be struggling so much. Home is where we gathered around Zoom calls and Face time chats to stay connected with friends and family instead of seeing and visiting with them in person.

Our relationships deepened inside our homes…We were present for each other to make our days a little better. There were more family dinners, laughter, hugs and tears shed as we navigated a new collective normal. Despite all the hard moments, we will remember our homes as the places that helped us keep dreaming of healthy days ahead and life without social distancing.

When I first designed these ornaments, I did so with the hope to offer a way to commemorate the places that hold our hearts forever but also a tangible heirloom we proudly bring out year after year.  I can’t think of a more meaningful product to help us remember and celebrate life in 2020.

As we do each autumn, we are excited to offer one last batch of 30 Custom Home Ornaments for 2020. Maybe you or a loved one need a way to pay tribute to this year together.

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