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3 tips for smooth mornings during Virtual Learning

3 tips for smooth mornings during Virtual Learning

Mornings with children can be chaotic and crazy without the added stress of virtual learning. There's nothing that has the potential to start everyone off on the wrong foot than a tough morning. We've all been there these past months. However, I also know the reverse is true... that a smooth morning can ripple out into the rest of the day for everyone in the family.

With virtual learning upon us, we've been working on getting our morning routine to run a bit more smoothly in order to avoid the craziness that can ensue, the tempers that can flair, and the frustration that can take place if we let the morning just play out on its own. A few weeks ago, we ask our amazing community to share some tips and have compiled the top three below:

  1. A good morning starts the night before - I think the most helpful thing has been this simple mindset shift... that in order for our mornings to go well, we need to prep them the night before. Since currently we don't use backpacks, we make sure all folders/books are where they belong for the start of the school day (in our case, on the table next to their computers). Anything special or different that needs to happen tomorrow? We put a sticky note on the fridge door, we get it ready before bed, we do as much as we can before the morning even comes. Do you know how nice it is to wake up to coffee that's already brewed because we set the timer before we went to bed? Game changer!
  2. Put phones away - It's easy to reach for your phone the second your eyes open (because lots of us use them as alarm clocks) but I'd encourage you to get an old fashioned alarm clock, keep phones plugged in another room, and grab them for the first time only after you've had breakfast and are ready to get started with the day. There's something about our phones that seem to quickly and easily derail even the most structured schedules, so by keeping them out of sight and mind we can keep our minds clear and our mornings less hectic (besides, those insta posts will still be there to scroll during your morning break. promise).
  3. Greet each other with love - Seems silly, right? But start noticing what kind of morning greetings your family gives each other. Are people flying in all directions to get going with their work day, or is there a minute or two filled with hugs, kisses, and "have a good day" said to everyone? It's important to me that both my boys (15 and 8) get a hug and a kiss and a look square in the eye from me before they get started with virtual learning. I know all too soon they will get busy with school work (even though right next door to me) so for a short moment I want to soak up the few moments I get with them first thing in the morning.

Sending our boys off to their rooms for virtual learning after a relatively calm and stress free morning sets the tone for my entire day and I find myself feeling more productive, more accomplished, and more capable than I do on mornings where everything is a chaotic mess (and those mornings still happen, just less now). I'd love to hear any additional tips or tricks you have for smooth mornings at your house, and wish you the happiest of mornings now and every day!