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The Evolution of LPS - Part 2

The Evolution of LPS - Part 2

As we inch closer to celebrating our business anniversary, I can't help but think of the people that have been part of this amazing journey. These past (almost) 13 years have been the most important years in my life, and I wouldn't be where I am without my amazing team and most importantly our community. Truly. A brand is nothing without its people. Without them, this business would have never survived, let alone thrive.

This year is particularly significant for me because my husband, Aaron has stepped up to a COO role in our company. At the moment he is splitting his time between architecture (he is a stellar architect and very passionate about his work) and helping us run our behind the scenes operations. He's been my biggest cheerleader since the early days and truly is the left side of my right side brain!

We met in architecture school and have since worked side by side on numerous projects. He understands the struggles and triumphs of this business better than anyone I know. I am so grateful for his wisdom and patience but most of all his sincere desire to help make the dreams I have for this company come true.

Aaron's new role will allow me, as Founder / CEO and creative director to step out of the day to day tasks and into the creative, dreaming big and growing the company as my main focus going forward. I am excited for this new leadership structure and couldn't be more grateful for our team of 7 (6 of which are women) which I get to work with every day.

In the upcoming weeks we will be revealing something exciting we've been working so hard on. Stay tuned as we share more soon!