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Customer Stories - Jennifer Abbott

Customer Stories - Jennifer Abbott

Jennifer is one of my oldest customers...turned dear friend. A native Texan turned New Yorker, she is mama to Beckett and Evie and wife to Ryan Gosling's twin (kidding!....kind of! Her husband Scott looks like Ryan's twin...if Ryan had a twin. Do you see it?)

Jennifer's first order with us dates back to 2012 - a silhouette necklace of her boy Beckett. Since then, she's added to the collection as her family continued to grow. Her support and friendship means the world to me!

How did you find out about LPS and why did you chose to shop our product?

I first found LPS in 2012 on Etsy. I had my baby boy Beckett and knew I wanted to order one of the silhouette necklaces with his sweet profile. Choosing to shop my particular pieces was quite easy. I have somewhat of a collection, prints, ornaments and necklaces. Everything I have chosen was with the intention of passing it down.

Beckett's first year ornament from 2012 - I am happy I own one of these wooden ornaments no longer offered.

Beckett and Evie's ornament from 2016. OMG how they've grown!

This is our first all family ornament (2020) and it’s by far my favorite on the tree. Beautiful craftsmanship and worth every penny.

This past year I invested in two beautiful home ornaments: one to commemorate our first home in CT and another (shown here) of my family's farm house!

I plan on passing these ornament downs which adds a tremendous amount of value to each piece. When I see them I recall where we were and what precious time we were spending as a family and that makes my heart swell over and over.

Each one of these pieces stands the test of time. My children or their children could hang on a piece on their Christmas tree or wall, be gifted on their wedding day, or a special gift after the birth of a child. If I could have had a sweet charm of my grandmother as a child I would have treasured it always, I think of what these pieces can be for not just for myself but generations to come.