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Styling for Spring with Silhouettes

Styling for Spring with Silhouettes

Spring is one of my favorite times of year... it hasn't always been, but the older I get (eeks!) the more I appreciate the fresh air, blue skies, and birds singing. (Maybe it has to do with becoming a mother and battling the boredom that can come with the long winter months stuck inside battling the various illnesses that seem to make their rounds repeatedly in households with small children). Needless to say I'm so excited and think perhaps we're finally turning the corner into the next season here, which means it's time for not only spring cleaning, but updating my decor with some fun, simple, and beautiful decor.

(Image source: My Domain)

One of my favorite ways to decorate (any time) but especially during spring is with plants + greens. Whether they're faux or real, there's something about fresh greenery or flowers that make a room feel...lighter. Airier. Brighter. I love it. I also love using fun planters or vases for extra pops of color or texture. 
(Custom silhouettes by Le Papier Studio)
Another way I enjoy styling my space for spring is with silhouettes. They're timeless and classic so they're super versatile decor pieces. Another easy way to style with silhouettes for spring is to switch up how they're displayed. Sometimes I'll swap out frames for something lighter for the spring and summer months, or I'll move them from being styled on a mantle or table top to being hung on a wall. Truly, these are some of the most versatile pieces I own and I highly suggest them as a simple way to not only capture the sweet silhouettes of your children, thus creating timeless heirloom pieces, but also as a way to personalize your unique living spaces.