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New Babies + and new charms!

New Babies + and new charms!
When I first discovered Le Papier Studio I couldn't wait to order my own necklace... I was pregnant with my second child and KNEW this was something I for sure wanted, but kept waiting to order because I thought I needed our family to be complete before I could get my special necklace
This is a common question that we get emails and DMs about a LOT ... and lucky for you I'm going to let you in on a little secret... you do NOT have to have your family complete to be able to enjoy the beauty that is owning a Le Papier Studio piece. 

Since ordering my tiny charms necklace we've decided to add yet another sweet kiddo to our family and knowing that it's easy peasy to have another charm added to my necklace has me so excited. The process is super simple... I place my order for the single charm, upload the image, shoot an email to Vana, and mail my necklace to her. (There's also the option of ordering the charm on its own and having your local trusted jeweler add it for you - I've gone that route as well when I've updated charms as my babies curls have come in and I needed new silhouettes). 
So if you've been holding off thinking that you needed to wait to order your special heirloom piece because you just aren't sure if you're finished adding to your family, fear no more. You can have the best of both worlds: enjoying your heirloom piece with the silhouettes of those little ones already here, and can add the sweet faces of those yet to come whenever they make their appearance. 
(photos and copy by Alyssa @alyssainsquares)