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Stories : Raising Happy Littles

Stories : Raising Happy Littles

Today we are asking Aschley Fish (the mom blogger behind, Raising Happy Littles) to share the story behind her blog. She will also be sharing her thoughts on working with us on her custom order.


For those who don't know you, tell us a bit about your blog.

Raising Happy Littles is a "mom blog" where I talk about the challenges and incredible moments that come with motherhood. I tend to turn to humor in moments of challenge so there's sure to be plenty of that in the future!

How and why did you start blogging?

I started the blog because I love writing and wasn't getting my creative output fulfilled in other places in my life (read: gluing pieces of construction paper onto another paper to make yet another kind of tree wasn't doing it for me.) I have another blog that I'd done when I was younger about my journey with depression and I had loved connecting with other people in the same boat as myself and since being a mom is the center of my personal universe now, I'm always up to converse about it with others going through the same things!

I love that your blog has a personal story behind it and that you use it to connect with other moms going through a similar journey. Besides connecting with other moms in this crazy ride of motherhood, what other goals do you have with the blog?

My number one goal in motherhood is to raise genuinely good human beings that have a strong sense of self and are happy with who they are. Raising Happy Littles will eventually be, in writing form, the journey to doing that.

Amen to that! Speaking of raising good and happy humans, you recently commissioned us to create a custom necklace for you. Can you share a bit about the process?

I love working with Le Papier Studio! The process when I got my first necklace was more complicated than it is now, but I still loved it because it involved emailing a photo to a genuine person (what?!) and getting an actual personal reply (whhhhhat?!!) I was so excited and immediately knew I was going to get something of genuine quality.
I had a silhouette of my son on a necklace and even though I know it's good practice to take jewelry off and put it back on after showering, as I became pregnant with baby #2 I got a bit lazy and started wearing it continually. I can say with full confidence that that necklace was the quality I'd hoped because it looked just as beautiful as the day it arrived even after almost a year (and childbirth).

That's wonderful to hear, Aschley! Glad you're treasuring your necklace and you're happy with its quality. Tell us, what value does this necklace add to your life?

I got a new necklace when my daughter was old enough to take a nice silhouette photo and I got an updated one of my son. They're the mini charms on a chain and it's like having both of my children on my heart all the time. I treasure them so much and love when people ask what they are when they're observing from a distance. I can't even count how many times someone has said "They're actually your kids?!" when I've responded by showing them closer up which charm is which child. I recently lost my younger sister to a long battle with cancer and couldn't think of a better gift for my mom than a necklace of her silhouette so that she could keep her baby on her heart just like I do mine.  I just have to say to Vana and everyone at Le Papier Studio: Thank you for the beautiful art you create. It's such a special and unique piece I have and that, now, my own mother has. The work that is put into the products is clear and having something handmade from your own memories is not common. I am very deeply impressed with this company! 

Thank you so much Aschley! That makes me so happy to hear! It is out mission to foster the happy and special moments in life through each and every piece of work we put out there. So glad you could share your story with us today!

Find Aschley on her BLOG and INSTAGRAM

Ashley is wearing our Tiny Silhouette Charm Necklace (customized with her two littles' silhouettes)