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Favorite things : Books

Favorite things : Books

I always enjoy reading inspirational books especially in the earlier months of the year. Resolutions and goals are still fresh in our minds and the desire to achieve more productivity at all times high. This year (so far) I've enjoyed these books...and I highly recommend them to you as well.

1. Chasing Slow - Courage to journey off beaten path

This book by Erin Loechner is an eye opener for all who've made a living/explored an online career, feel burned out and incomplete...I love her perspective on chasing the slow life and ditching the never ending chase for "the perfect" and "do-it-all".

(image by Design for Mankind)

2. Bread and wine - a love letter to life around the table with recipes


An incredible book by Shauna Niequist on friends, relationships and the meals that bring all together and make it happen. This book reminds me so much of my upbringing, how food and hospitality was part of where I come from and the joy it all brings to one's life. What better way to take care of one another and strengthen relationships than around the table while having a meal and meaningful conversations.

3. Leaders East Last

Simon Sinek is a favorite author and speaker of mine. I came to know his work through his famous TED Talk  "Start with WHY" and have been following his work ever since. On Leaders Eat Last he discusses what it takes for good leaders to exist in this world and what makes them good leaders. It's simple, when it matters most, leaders who are willing to eat last are rewarded with deeply loyal colleagues who will stop at nothing to advance their leader’s vision and their organization’s interests. It’s amazing how well it works. And it can be applied at any part of our lives...