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Pro tips with Danielle of Gem Gossip - Layering Necklaces

October 08, 2020

layered necklaces

I asked one of my favorite jewelry bloggers and customer, Danielle Miele with Gem Gossip, to share a few pro tips on layering necklaces, especially her little boy's Silhouette Charm with some of her favorite pieces.

What I love about my custom silhouette charm is how versatile and easy to wear it is! It doesn’t matter what your style is — it will blend seamlessly with whatever you’ve got going on.

I like to wear mine either on a shorter chain and layered with other necklaces...or on a longer box chain, sometimes with other sentimental charms or by itself. Starting a necklace stack with a unique vintage piece is a great tip — like a herringbone, large link or a strand of quartz. I also like to add touches of color with my son’s birthstone — emerald!