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Our Custom Silhouette Process

Our Custom Silhouette Process

We often get asked about our custom silhouette process. To me it's second nature since I've created thousands of custom silhouettes, but for many it's still a mystery. This post is going to break down the process and provide a few helpful tips on the types of pictures that generate the best silhouettes.

The process

As you may guess we only work with photographs. A silhouette is as good as a photograph - therefore I can't stress enough the importance of a great photo. When selecting your photo, keep in mind 3 things: fun, memorable, and easy to work with.

A great example is this photo.

From this photo we than create out outline of the bodies, also known as silhouette.

You get the idea..

Last and most import part, we laser cut the silhouette out of precious metals (sterling silver or gold filled) to create the most exquisite of pieces, like this one of a kind necklace.

If you ask me, this is the most unique gift you can ever give or receive. It captures your loved ones to perfection and allows you to carry them close to your heart.

Tips for perfect silhouettes

Although these tips are specific for head silhouettes, a few of them work well for full body photos. When it comes to selecting full body photos, make sure to select a fun one, something it reminds you of a special time. Candid photos make great silhouettes. Make sure to let your photographer know on your next family session:)

Looking forward to creating something super special for you this holiday season!