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Meet Our New Full Body Silhouette Necklaces!

Meet Our New Full Body Silhouette Necklaces!

The moment you said "Yes!"
The day you welcomed your first child.
Your kids' best furry friend.
Your happy family.
Each of these moments have one thing in common, they are worth remembering and treasuring forever. We love capturing them in silhouette form and creating elegant heirlooms worthy to be passed down from generation to generation!


Introducing our newest creations, the Full Body Silhouette Necklaces!

These necklaces feature your loved ones' silhouettes created from their most treasured photographs. Each necklace is artistically created to capture the most unique of features, laser cut and hand polished to perfection.

We would love to turn your favorite picture/s into a unique necklace. Ordering is simple. Satisfaction always guaranteed!