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How To Add To Your VCS Piece

August 10, 2021

VCS pieces are designed to be added on to over time and as your family grows. Whether it be a new silhouette charm representing a new baby, a birthstone charm representing a birthday and a milestone or a custom charm designed to capture a unique story...all our pieces are meant to capture your special story.

One of our most adorned pieces is our Classic Silhouette Charm Necklace (in Tiny, Medium and Large size charms). It was the first piece I designed almost 10 years ago to document my first born son's growth. Since then, I've added our second son's silhouette charm.

Two questions we get asked often are "Do I have to wait until my family is complete to order?" and "How can I add on to my necklace?" The good news is you don't have to wait until your family is complete to order one of our Classic Silhouette Charm Necklaces. You can add to these necklaces as the time goes on.  It's super easy to do and this service is available to any VCS customer.


We've broken the process down in 3 easy steps:


STEP 1 : Order your new charm!

Place a new order for a silhouette, birthstone, initial or generic charm HERE. Make sure you order the correct size charm to match the ones previously ordered and also make a note with your order for your new charm size to match previous size ordered. If you have any questions or don't know which size you ordered previously, please Contact Us


STEP 2 : Ship your VCS piece to us!

Once you've placed your new order, you have two options:

  1.  to mail your necklace or bracelet to us to add the new charm, or
  2.  have us send the new charm loose to you to add to your necklace.

We recommend the first option if you want the jump ring of the new charm to match that of the existing charm (looks better!) If we ship the charm loose, we can send it with a bigger jump ring so you can slide the new charm over the chain. Please refer to the picture below illustrating both options.

When mailing your necklace or bracelet back to us, please make a note with your order number and any special requests you may have. Sending your necklace/bracelet in a secure way is a must. Once you've ordered your new Loose Charm/s we will provide detailed instructions on how to send your piece back to us to add your new charms.


STEP 3 : Wait patiently for your piece to arrive.

Once we have received your old necklace back and have completed your new charm/s we will assemble and ship your necklace back to you. If there are any old charms, we will clean and polish them to match your new charm/s.


    STEP 4 : Show it off!

    We love it when you love and show off your VCS piece. Don't forget to tag us on social with #ShowUsYourVCS and #VanaChuppStudio