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Honoring Memories with Le Papier Studio

Honoring Memories with Le Papier Studio

I've always been a sentimental person. I've got boxes of notes from middle school and high school tucked away, have movie ticket stubs from my husband's and my first dates and have all sorts of silly photos from my carefree college days. I have lots of little memory-esque items that I love to occasionally look through...they bring me back to different times in my life and stir up emotions and memories...and help me to remember things I may otherwise have forgotten.

So it's really no surprise that when I first discovered LPS I was more than smitten. I was obsessed over the details captured in the prints and jewelry. I lusted over the thought of having something that could be a true heirloom but didn't have to be tucked away but rather could be enjoyed and then passed down. I couldn't wait to have one of my very own tiny charm necklaces which I could oogle

And once the beautiful wrapped present (and I do mean it was legitimately like opening a gift) arrived, I couldn't believe how perfect it was...even better than I'd imagined. Right in front of me were the faces of my two sweet girls frozen in moments I'll be able to remember and keep close forever.

It's always such an honor to hear the stories behind the pieces here at Le Papier Studio. Some are so filled with love and joy while others could crush your heart into a million pieces. However, I've discovered despite the story behind the piece there's always one common thing that people seem to be after when they shop Le Papier Studio: keeping the sweetest of memories close. Forever. And knowing that that's exactly what we're doing in one of our greatest joys.

- Alyssa