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Get in that picture, mama. Get in that picture!

Get in that picture, mama. Get in that picture!
As I flip through our family photo albums I smile as I look at all the photos of my two sweet girls and their handsome daddy. The day they were born. Coming home from the hospital. First foods. Family gatherings.

The reminiscing is beautiful, the memories come flooding back...and I can't help but hear the tiny voice in the back of my head... "You need to be in these pictures, too, Mama." All too often I'm the one behind the camera, and I love capturing the candid moments that make up our simple cozy days, but there is a piece of me that knows more often than not I don't end up making the pictures. 

While I could get better about telling my hubs to take a turn with the camera, not being in the picture is often my own doing... I didn't shower today (or yesterday). My hair is a mess. I don't have make up on. The baby was up so much last night I'm exhausted, don't get me in this one. It's easier to just quick snap one here while everyone's cooperating. 

The list of excuses is endless.

But you know the photos my girls want to look at the most when we look together? The ones where they're with their mama, or their daddy, or their sister. Yes the silly ones are fun, but they want to see those sweet connections captured forever in time, and who am I to deny that to them when it comes to photos they have with me? Some day I know it won't matter that my mom bun was looking extra rough or that I had a breakout, what's going to matter is that the precious moments I have here with my girls right now are being frozen in time in something as simple but as beautiful as a photograph. 

Get in that picture, mama. Get in that picture.
- Alyssa