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Four Ways To Decorate With Frames

January 29, 2018

If you've ever searched "Home Decor Ideas" on Pinterest you may know all too well the feeling of sheer overwhelm doing so can elicit (versus the feeling of fresh inspiration you were hoping to find). With beautifully curated + staged photos, it can feel like making your home the cozy place that reflects you and your style absolutely impossible. 
However, sometimes just having a simple place to get started can help get you going and on your way to a beautifully curated and decorated home of your own. Decorating with frames is one of our favorite ways to make a big impact with some pretty simple implementation ideas. Here are our four favorite ways to use frames in our home decor.
1. Use them to create a gallery wall.
Creating a gallery wall brings interest and cohesion to a space... we like to mix frame sizes and shapes depending on the space being filled. 
2. Use them to tell your story/special event.
Weddings, births, family vacations... these are the moments that define our lives. Rather than keep all your memories and images tucked into a hard drive, pick your favorites and use them to keep all those special events present in your day to day life. 
3. Use them to capture a loved one's silhouette.
As you may imagine, we're partial to using our heirloom silhouettes in our home decor. They're truly classy + timeless, can easily fit into any style decor, and are a way to capture the most special features of the faces you love. With a variety of sizes available, they are a special way to add a unique and completely personal touch to your decor.
4. Use them to frame your family's masterpieces.
Our children LOVE to see pieces of art they've created displayed around our homes (because we display things that we love that are important to us, right?). Give their works of art an upgrade from the refrigerator. By framing their creations you not only protect these sweet pieces from the splashes and spills that tend to find their way to refrigerators or stacks of papers on the counter, but you show them how much you value what they create and make for you. 

As you can see, decorating your home doesn't have to be difficult, expensive or overwhelming. Hopefully these simple ideas will help you get started on creating some beautiful new spaces in your home. Ready to add some silhouette art to your home decor? Shop our beautiful heirloom prints ... still have questions? Feel free to reach out - helping our clients choose the perfect piece to add to their home is our specialty. 
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