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Customer Stories - Alyssa Burmeister

Customer Stories - Alyssa Burmeister

I was recently asked what is my favorite aspect of owning my business and I'd say without a doubt, the amazing community we've built over the years. Having been able to help these mamas turn their unique stories into something personal they can treasure for years to come is what fires me up every day.

In celebration of our business turning 13 next month, I invited a few of our VIP customers to share their stories and why they've chosen to shop our products over the years. The women featured in this series have not only supported this business and been brand advocates but we've come to be good friends - exchanging phone numbers and texting each other frequently. I am forever grateful for these opportunities.

Meet Alyssa! She is a girl mama (x4 to be exact!), brick and mortar shop owner and the one I go to when I need curated unique and meaningful items.

How did you find out about LPS and why did you chose to shop our product?

I don't even remember how I found LPS, but I vividly remember the first time I saw Vana's creations...I was awestruck and knew immediately I wanted one of her heirlooms. I wanted the tiny silhouette necklace of my girls. I remember being struck by how beautiful and intricate the pieces clear it was that an abundance of time and care went into these silhouettes. I knew this was a piece that was meant to hang around my neck, close to my heart, and someday be passed on to my girls.


Since then, I've added three charms to my necklace. I now have a silhouette of each of my four girls, and the sweetest heart charm of my sweet little angel baby in heaven.

I am forever thankful for this treasure and can't wait to one day share it with my girls. Le Papier Studio is one of the most phenomenal businesses run by one of the most outstanding and talented woman I know and I feel beyond blessed to own some of her art...and that's what it is, a work of art.