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Because it's not "just" a necklace

Because it's not "just" a necklace

It's always a treat to hear from customers what exactly it is that they love about their custom Le Papier Studio heirloom piece. The answers are always heartwarming, and today it's an honor to share my own thoughts on why my heirloom silhouette necklace is a true treasure to me.

Vana was simply lovely right from the moment I had first messaged her with some questions about a custom order. I cannot even tell you how patient and gracious she was with my *many* questions. I had first messaged her before the birth of my second child as I was in love with the tiny silhouette charm necklace and knew I’d need one as soon as the little one arrived.

As you can imagine, being the mom of a toddler and a newborn meant that my mom brain was in full swing, but I never felt like I was a bother to Vana with my questions and emails, even though I know I was “that customer” on more than one occasion. She made me feel so comfortable! The ordering process was insanely easy! I literally snapped the photo, emailed it in, approved the proof, and voila. My part was done! Vana took care of the rest and from the moment I first messaged her to the moment I received the exquisitely wrapped package which held the most perfect heirloom necklace, I knew I was in the hands of someone who cared immensely about not only their business and their product but their customer as well.

I've since added a third daughter to my little girl gang, and of course that meant adding a new charm, and as usual it was so easy to get her sweet little silhouette added to my necklace. I ordered the charm and took it to a local trusted jeweler who added the charm within a matter of minutes. I’ve told Vana this before but I’ll say it again… this necklace means the world to me. I’ve only had it off a handful of times… and only because I had to! When I see the tiny perfect silhouettes of my three beautiful daughters, I can’t help but be reminded of the goodness and grace I’ve been shown by Jesus. It’s a daily reminder of the blessings of children - which, let’s be honest, I really need when I’m cleaning up the 20th mess someone’s made before it’s 10 am.

Seeing the sweet outlines of them which have been so perfectly captured and preserved makes me oh so happy. This season of life and motherhood can seem so overwhelming and never-ending, but I do know it’s fleeting, and that these sweet little silhouettes are changing faster than I realize…having them frozen in time like this is so special to me. I also know that because the necklace is so beautifully designed and is made with the best materials (I chose solid gold) it will be a true heirloom that I’ll be able to pass on to my children…some day. Right now it’s all mine!

XO Alyssa