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A Look Behind Our "You Story, Your Heirloom" Product Ordering Process

A Look Behind Our "You Story, Your Heirloom" Product Ordering Process

Vana here! When I started LPS over 12 years ago, I knew I wanted to design heirloom pieces that helped mamas freeze moments in time with their little ones into a tangible piece they could wear and be reminder of this special time in the motherhood journey.

Over the years as our story spread, we began crafting pieces that went beyond custom silhouettes. Although our products continued to evolve, the focus on our mission to help our customers to keep memories close became laser sharp. Since we've decided to officially bring this "product idea" out to the world, I wanted to take a moment to explain how one can go about working with us to help translates her/his unique story into an heirloom product.

Since all our pieces are made-to-order, once the design is finalized and approved for production, we work on sourcing the materials needed for this custom product. Some pieces require various elements that need to be ordered through our suppliers (for example, a birthstone or diamond charm is something we would need to order as needed).

We send the design to production and once received back in the studio (within a 7-10 day time frame) our jeweler gets to sanding, polishing and assembling the piece. Some pieces are more finicky than others, which means they take a bit longer to finalize (This is why you’ll see varied production times on each product listing on our website, and it’s why our custom service associate needs to check with the production team before they can confirm how much longer a piece will be!) Once the piece is finished, it's shown to me for a thorough quality check. When it looks absolutely perfect to me, it heads over to our packaging and shipping department.

The packaging and shipping team puts everything together and makes sure everything matches up. The piece is then carefully packed and made ready for shipment. This careful process takes a couple of days to ensure the proper piece gets to the right place. From here, the piece is picked up by USPS or UPS and shipped out to you! 

It’s a lot of steps, I know. And each one is so so important; we have tried to look into speeding up the production time we need, but it just won’t work for the kind of products we offer and the process in crafting them. Perfection takes time. 

Below are some example of "Your Story, Your Heirloom" pieces we've made.

Left - Medium Sterling Silver Locket customized with a silhouette and hand and footprint of an angel baby. Right - Locket customized with a silhouette and an engraved quote.

Left - Our True Love bracelet customized with birthstones that represent customer's and spouse's birth months. Right - The Siblings tag necklace with a loose tiny charm added to represent a new child and a birthstone representing the anniversary date.

Left - Tiny silhouette charm necklace with a loose engraved footprint and an emerald birthstone charm added representing two children (here on earth and heaven) and the anniversary month. Right - Tiny silhouette necklace with a loose initial charm (family name initial), mother and father birthstone charms (same birthstone in mixed metals) and separation bead.

Left - Non-silhouette/Custom "Your Story, Your Heirloom" piece. The jar is represents a favorite object and the 3 hearts represent the three lost infants (miscarriage, still birth and 3 weeks after birth) Customer didn't have profile photos for the obvious reasons, and wanted something she alone knew the significance but also be more subtle and private. Right - Medium Silhouette Charm necklace featuring the hand writing and heart drawing of the actual child (who sadly was taken too soon!) Customer wanted to add another layer of custom on her special piece.

Whether your piece features a handwriting of a loved one engraved on a silhouette charm or is something completely unique to tell your story, I would be honored to help you turn your story into an heirloom you can wear close to heart.

Get in touch with us via Instagram or by the Contact Us form.