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5 Tips to Successful Product Packaging

5 Tips to Successful Product Packaging

When it comes to selling your products online or in a retail store, one important element of your brand identity that should be carefully considered is the Packaging Design. Your product packaging should enhance your product and not take away from it. With people (read clients) becoming more design savvy each day (thanks to sites like Pinterest, Instagram etc) we should be encouraged to come up with innovative ideas for our brands. If you have a unique product, carry the design through your entire brand. Here are 5 useful tips:

1. Consider Shopper Experience

This is by far the most important tip (hence being #1)! What is the first impression your customer gets when they receive your product? Packaging is MORE important that the actual product itself. I know, I know! It threw me off too at first...but it's true. Your packaging tells the story before the customer has had a chance to look at the product. Make it attractive and to the point!

2. List the Benefits

What does your product do for the customer? How does it make his/her life better? This is where the real selling point lies. Your product packaging offers an opportunity to speak directly to your customer through your design esthetics.

3. Consider Your Price Point

When a customer purchases a higher price product, she expects the packaging to live up to that product's price point. Some of our best sellers include 14K Solid Gold necklaces. We know our packaging for these products should reflect the value of the product itself. Therefore, we designed a more elaborate packaging elements for them.


4. Use Powerful Visuals

A great copy that doesn't sounds like a billboard ad is important but know that pictures (and good graphics) are worth a thousand words. Be concise and to the point - how will your product be used? Include enough visuals to give the client an idea about the benefits of the product.

When it comes to making a point, I love to refer to this picture - it captures the benefits our products offer to our clients. Our products capture life's special moments into heirloom silhouette products. This picture evokes the magic of that moment forever (my little dude checking out his custom silhouette as a charm on my ever so treasured necklace!)

5. Hire An Expert

For many small companies money is tight and the budget doesn't always allow for a full on branding collaterals. If you think you do not have the skill set and knowledge needed to design some of the branding elements, from product design, to marketing and packaging, you should trust (hire) an expert. You might have a good eye for what works, but coming up with the goods is a different story. 

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