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3 tips for picking the right frame for your Custom Silhouette

3 tips for picking the right frame for your Custom Silhouette

When it comes to helping you select a frame for your custom silhouette, we've made the process easy by offering a small collection of frames that complements our silhouettes. Yet, you may wonder which of the 3 options to choose from. Here are 3 tips that make the selection a breeze:

Black Frame + Black Silhouette

    If you ordered one of our classic black silhouettes on white background, select a black frame to carry on the classic look. This option looks great against light walls and mixes well with light or dark furniture. This option is our most popular!

        White Frame + Colored Silhouette

        For gold or silver foil (or any other color) silhouettes, go for the minimalist look of a simple white frame. The silhouette remains the main focus drawing attention where needed. This option goes well against light backgrounds and complements modern decor.

        Natural Frame + White or Colored Silhouette on Dark Background

        Reverse the effect by pairing a white or colored silhouette on a black background with a natural frame. The contrast is striking and creates a unique effect that can go in any space. Try grouping a few together to create a gallery wall.

        These are just a few options proved to work well on many custom framed silhouettes we've created through the years. Perhaps you have a new idea/preference? We would love to hear it!