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3 Ways to Style our Best Selling Necklace

3 Ways to Style our Best Selling Necklace

We've put together three easy and fun ways to style our best selling necklace, the Classic Silhouette Charm Necklace. The photos shown here feature our tiny size charms.

1. Paired with another dainty necklace  - Two is better than one, right? We love pairing our classic silhouette charm necklace with our puffy heart necklace. Other necklaces we recommend pairing it with is our modern diamond solitaire necklace or our petite diamond cross necklace. This offers a unique look that can compliment any outfit and one that is both simple as a daily staple and elegant for a special occasion.

2. Wear it in a set of 3 necklaces  - Mix it with you favorite necklaces for a unique stack that calls your name. We recommend choosing a variety of chain types and lengths. Go for a paper clip chain in various of weights.

Silhouette charm necklace layered

Add a handwriting tag charm to make your set even more personal.

3. Collect them in a heirloom charm holder - Start with your classic silhouette charms and add to your heirloom necklace as you need. Our charm holders are the perfect tool to make it happen. Pair it with a paper clip chain and you've got yourself your first family heirloom destined to be passed down to the next generation.

paper clip chain with charm holder
We hope the three styles we featured here inspire you to come up with your own way of mixing our best seller with other favorite necklaces.