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I heart clear skies

We are on our last week of vacation and I have already started to miss our stay here. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we will be sad to say goodbye one more time…but happy to return home and see Aaron (Baby we miss you so much!). Nikolas is feeling much better now. The doctor here said he had caught some sort of virus…yikes! I can’t wait to have him checked by his pediatrician back home.

He has become even more attached to me given the fact that not many in my family speak fluent English. I have had some time to reflect on life, family and my new business. Now, I just need to put these ideas to work.

I am disappointed that we haven’t been able to go swimming, not even a single day. Such bad luck we’ve had this year! I hope Niko feel 100% before I decide to take him out on more sightseeing. For now, seating with him by the seaside, will have to do. He’s been having so much fun racing me on our stone skipping game….and pretending to fish.

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