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Happy Birthday Honey

This is a guest post by Aaron

Happy Birthday Honey!

I still remember the first time I saw you. You walked into the lovely Creekside South Building (aka Architecture Shed) and caught my eye. You didn’t see me of course as I was hiding in the shadows of the Senior Studio.

(BTW: I don’t know how you can ever even write a blog post, as every 5 seconds Niko is calling out from somewhere for me to see something, answer this question, remove this sharp object that is stabbed into his foot, etc….)

When I first got to talk to you and then talk to you again, I felt like Will in Notting Hill. Each day was and is “surreal but nice”.

So simply you are: the babe I have dreamed about, my soul’s best friend, and wonderful caretaker of my life’s treasure (the little guy).

Every day, and especially this day, I want to do whatever it takes to see you smile.

(Unfortunately I am being interrogated about an “Orange Camera” which I don’t think exists at the moment and can not write any more.)

Have a wonderful Birthday my Love.

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