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Ok, I am ready for the winter to end

It’s cold in Chicago. It’s supposed to get even colder in the next 60 hours (we’re talking below ZERO, people!!). This is not cool! I am done with winter! I’ve had it with the snow! I didn’t grow up with such crazy weather (I saw my first snow at 21), but in the last 6 years I have learned to adjust, well, what else can I do? I want me some blue skies, right about now! How about this for a change? Any takers???

We can start the morning by starring at this view for hours…

…enjoying a refreshing iced tea.

This view had me sold. This is exactly what I would look at every day after my mid day nap.

Late afternoon coffee by the harbor, followed by a light dinner…
Ok, I feel much better now! These lovely pictures are courtesy of a friend who visited Greece this past summer. I wish mine were as good.

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