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Dinner anyone?

For those who know me, you know how much I love cooking, much more than eating…As I was reading today’s post over at Nichole‘s blog, I couldn’t help but get inspired to write a little about tonight’s diner menu. Each week, by Thursday our pantry/fridge is almost empty, so I have to be creative. What do I do? I gather all the ingredients left to work with, and if I can’t come up with something real quick, I google for ideas. This is what we’re having tonight:

Greek Meatballs, my mom’s recipe. Favorite of big and little guy’s.

Red Wine and Peas Risotto (recipe of Giada De Laurentiis – via

Ok! If it was for me, I would stop here…but ever since I had a taste of these lovelies (I didn’t grow up with whoopie pies, more like baklava for me!) I can’t resist having them every night…

Woopie pies from my mother in law. My husbands’ childhood favorite.

and to wash it all down…a glass of Yellow tail, red Merlot.

What are you eating tonight?

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