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Happy 4th

Today we celebrate 4 years of your life sweet Niko! You have been a blessing to your daddy and I and we are so very proud of the little person you have become.

We stopped at the bakery shop today for a special breakfast, just you and I. You couldn’t stop talking, telling people everything from, “my mommy and daddy left me for one night on their anniversary day”…to “today is my birthday and I am 4, I will have two birthday cakes…” pretty much anything that could come to mind at that moment and that would get their attention. You were your usual self! I was a bit embarrassed! I don’t talk to strangers like you do:)

Keep that innocent soul and the child in you always, no matter how old you become!

May God bless you and grant you many more years!



Ps.. You received this card/cartoon from our friend Brad…You liked it sooo!!

That Brad!!!

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